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Rutgers Demographic Based Sites

Demographic Based Sites are course sites in Canvas with a custom roster configured by student, course, or term attributes. These sites provide the ability to organize different cohorts of students together for various departmental or university requirements.

Every site request will be reviewed by the Canvas Administrators. They will determine if the site is an appropriate use for the Learning Management System. If any requirements submitted are unclear, the admin will reach out directly to clarify the details.

Use Guidelines:

  • Demographic Based Sites are configured by attributes from the student, course, and term tables at Rutgers. See Types of Demographic Based Sites.
  • The roster will be updated every morning. If a student no longer meets the criteria of the configured site, they will be removed. Any users manually added to the site will not be removed.
  • Rosters can only be configured for a single year at a time. If the site is to continue for more than 1 year, another Demographic Based Sites will need to be requested and can be cross-listed into the original site.

Additional Information:

  • Demographic Based Sites cannot use Canvas GradeSync. These sites should not be used to grade students in an academic term.
  • Demographic Based Sites is currently unavailable for students in the BANNER system.
  • Detailed instructions and available options will be listed in the request form.

 Click Here to Request a Demographic Based Site

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