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akindi logo


Akindi is a Scantron alternative that is integrated directly into Canvas and allows instructors to print and scan multiple choice test sheets using any printer and scanner.

atomic search logo

Atomic Search

Atomic Search allows users to search the full text of Canvas course content. You can access Atomic Search from a course, account, or global navigation menu or from a search box on the top right of Canvas pages.


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Canvas Conferences, powered by BigBlueButton, is an open source web conferencing system for synchronous online learning that is available in a course or group site.

box.com logo


Box provides an additional method of sharing cloud-based documents with your online course. Instructors may post materials from Box and students may submit assignments from box.


canvas commons logo

Canvas Commons

Learning object repository that enables educators to find, import, and share resources. You can share with the entire Canvas Community, Rutgers-only, or your department.

cengage logo

Cengage Learning

Cengage Learning is an integrated, web-based textbook that includes an interactive, multimedia resources, flashcards and quizzes for use in higher education courses across all disciplines.


Elsevier Evolve logo

Elsevier Evolve Link

Elsevier Evolve is an integrated, textbook that supports students in the Health Sciences. Some Elsevier Evolve products include adaptive learning to personalize education to learn faster and remember longer.


facultyenlight logo


FacultyEnlight is a resource for researching, adopting, and sharing insights about textbooks and course materials. The FacultyEnlight online adoption platform streamlines the course material adoption process for faculty and makes it easier for students to access the widest variety of affordable options in all the formats available from their campus bookstore.

Barnes and Noble College Logo

First Day Course Materials

Offered by Barnes & Noble College, the First Day™ Course Materials app supports the First Day™/Inclusive Access program at Rutgers. With this app in your course, students in participating courses can manage their status and gain direct access to eTextbook titles.


google logo

Google Apps LTI

Makes it easier for instructors to include collaborations, content sharing, engaging course content, and assignment distribution directly within Canvas.


Hawkes Learning

Hawkes Learning is an educational courseware platform providing instructional content and mastery-based learning to enhance student success in college courses. Hawkes Learning products provide software, textbook, tutor and step-by-step breakdown of questions, and practice tests.



iClickers allow instructors to ask questions and gather student responses during a lecture. Clicker systems are also commonly called Classroom Response Systems, or Audience Response Systems.


kaltura logo


Kaltura provides many applications that allow you to create, capture, edit and publish videos from anywhere! With Kaltura Personal Capture, you can create recordings of your lectures, screen captures and recordings of your narrated PowerPoint presentations. Kaltura MediaSpace also allows you to easily publish your videos in a single place.  With the integration in Canvas, you can share your videos with your course site.

Knewton alta Logo

Knewton Alta

Knewton provides adaptive learning technology to personalize educational. Combined with Knewton’s Alta product that uses open educational resources, Knewton Alta provides course content, quizzes, and examples to identify knowledge gaps as students complete assignments.


Lab Archive Electronic Lab Notebook


LabArchives is a content and data management platform and also includes an integrate digital lab notebook module. LabArchives allows instructors to create, modify, and push content updates out to students immediately 24/7.

Rutgers University Libraries

Library Reading Lists

Course reading lists with content available from Rutgers University Libraries databases

Rutgers University Libraries

Library Research Guides

This app allows instructors to easily integrate library research guides into their online courses. Research guides are pathfinders created by library experts to help students locate the best resources for conducting research related to their course or area of study.

Rutgers University Libraries

Library Tutorials

Library Tutorials contains a collection of high-quality, standards-based online lessons, videos, activities, and quizzes provided by the Rutgers University Libraries through a license with NimblyWise, a leading library instruction provider, in the areas of Information Literacy, Critical Thinking, and Communication Skills. Available in Canvas Commons.

Linked in Learning logo

Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform that helps you and your students discover and develop business, technology-related, and creative skills through expert-led course videos. Many of the courses come equipped with exercise files and assessments, and transcripts for the video. Instructors can also use LinkedIn Learning to provide feedback to courses, and view and … Read More

lynda.com logo


Lynda.com is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills.


Macmillan Education logo

Macmillan Learning

Access Macmillian products from within Canvas including Sapling Learning, SaplingPlus, LaunchPad, Writer’s Help, iClicker, FlipIt, and Achieve Read & Practice

mcgraw hill logo

McGraw-Hill Campus

McGraw-Hill Campus integrates all of your digital products (textbooks) from McGraw-Hill Education for quick and easy access to content and learning tools.

Cambridge Business Publisher logo


MyBusinessCourse provides access to Cambridge Business Publishers etexts through your online course. Content includes lecture videos created by the authors of the textbook, as well as quizzes and assignments.


pearson mylab & mastering logo

Pearson MyLab & Mastering

Pearson MyLab and Pearson Mastering provides collections of online homework, tutorial, and assessment products, as well as, digital textbooks.

Pearson Revel logo

Pearson Revel

Pearson Revel is a digital textbook that allows instructors to include their content. Revel is an interactive learning environment that seamlessly blends authors' narrative, media, and assessment, enabling students to read, practice, and study in one continuous experience.

piazza logo


Piazza is a question and answer platform with polling capabilities. It allows any user to post a question and all users to reply to collaborate to create an answer.


Playposit is a visual learning tool that allows instructors to build lessons into videos so that students can learn while viewing a video. Using your Kaltura videos, YouTube or TedEx recordings, instructors can add interactions to increase learner engagement.

powtoon logo


Integrated with Kaltura, Powtoon allows users to create short animated videos.



Proctortrack is remote proctoring software that uses webcams to track student activity during test-taking and flag any suspicious activity for instructor attention.


readspeaker logo


Readspeaker is a web-based application that converts text to speech within Canvas. This application may be used by anyone in Canvas but is ideal for those with reading disabilities, dyslexia, visual impairment, and is ideal for non-native English users and seniors.

respondus logo

Respondus 4.0

Respondus 4.0 is an assessment authoring tool that also allows you to easily manage your assessments and import them into Canvas or print them out.

Respondus Lock Down Browser

Respondus Lockdown Browser

Lockdown Browser is a custom browser that allows you literally lock down the online testing environment within the learning management system, preventing students from moving away from the testing browser to another browser or application on their machine.


scorm logo


The SCORM player allows instructors who have created multimedia presentation in iSpring Presenter, Lectora, Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline. The SCORM player will track user progress and pass interactions and grades to the gradebook.


Top Hat Logo

Top Hat

Top Hat is an end-to-end teaching solution where students are engaged in and out of the classroom through cutting-edge polling software, low-cost interactive content, flexible homework systems, and secure test-taking solutions.

A Unizin partner

Bridge logo

Training Services Portal

The Training Services Portal provides Rutgers Canvas admins and instructors access to free training resources created by Instructure, the parent company of Canvas. Trainings include on-demand courses, videos, learning paths, and scheduled webinars.

turning technologies logo

Turning Technologies

Turning Technologies is an audience response system that utilizes either physical devices or mobile apps to make presentations more immersive with creative engaging interactive experiences. Instructors can ask a question, participants respond and instructors can then share results that will increase engagement with a firm deeper learning.

turnitin logo


Turnitin provides originality checking, interactive grading and peer review, allows instructors to deliver rich, personalized feedback in less time, encouraging notably higher levels of student engagement.

A Unizin partner


udoit logo


The Universal Design Online content Inspection Tool, or UDOIT enables faculty to identify accessibility issues in their Canvas course content. It will scan a course, generate a report, and provide resources on how to address common accessibility issues.


vitalsource logo

Vital Source

VitalSource allows students and instructors to access textbooks online, offline and via mobile applications. VitalSource works with over 1000 publishers to extend the availability of etexts beyond the current integrations available in Canvas.

voicethread logo


VoiceThread allows you to create multimedia discussions and projects for your course that course participants can interact with. Users can add voice, text, or video comments to discuss central media such as a presentation, video, or file.


w.w. norton logo

W.W Norton Publishing

W.W. Norton is an integrated, web-based textbook that includes an interactive digital textbook with resources. Instructors may create learning and assessment tools or use adaptive learning assessments to guide learning.

wileyplus logo


WileyPlus is an integrated, web-based textbook that includes an interactive digital textbook with resources to fit every learning style. Instructors are able to post assignments, score student work, keep grades, and more. Students are able to access the complete, online version of your text with study resources that address their specific needs, get instant feedback and context-sensitive help on their assignment, and track their progress throughout the course from your personal online gradebook.


youtube logo


Search publicly available YouTube videos. Look for the YouTube icon in your course rich editor to search YouTube and click to embed videos in your course materials, discussion and quiz replies, or announcement. The YouTube button is available to students and instructors in the Rich Content Editor.