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MATLAB® Grader™ is a browser-based authoring environment for creating and sharing MATLAB coding problems and assessments. MATLAB Grader allows instructors to

  • Create interactive course assignments from scratch and a library of reusable example courses and assignments.
  • Automatically grade student work and provide feedback with custom scoring rubrics.
  • Review individual and aggregate student performance analytics.
  • Run your assignments in any browser.

Rutgers University has an enterprise license for MATLAB by MathWorks, including MATLAB Online. Details are available in the Rutgers Software Portal for MathWorks MATLAB & Simulink.

Instructors:  Please note that at this time, one Canvas assignment may be linked to one MATLAB problem for automatic grading.  While course assignments may include problems sets, you will need to create Canvas assignment groups to bundle individual MATLAB problems into weighted assignment groups for grade calculation. In addition, instructors may wish to create Canvas module requirements to guide students through a progression of problems.

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