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Canvas Release: Gradescope


Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce the integration of Gradescope which is a feedback and assessment tool that dramatically reduces the pain and time associated with grading exams, homework, and other assignments. Gradescope is widely used for delivering assessments remotely. It enables instructors and graders to give better and more timely feedback, resulting in improved … Read More

Attend the Kaltura Academic Media & Pedagogy (KAMP) master class series


The Kaltura Academic Media & Pedagogy (KAMP) master class series is focused on helping higher education faculty and instructional designers better use video in their courses. Kaltura’s KAMP sessions will not only teach faculty tips and tricks for getting the most out of Kaltura products but will also give users some of the latest in … Read More

Fall 2021 PlayPosit Webinars for Rutgers Instructors – Let’s Plan Engaging Content for Spring 2022


Join Rutgers instructors in a series of webinars hosted by Playposit instructional design staff. PlayPosit is a visual learning tool that allows instructors to build lessons into videos so that students can learn while viewing a video. The tool lets instructors use a library videos from YouTube, TEDx and other video hosting websites, including Rutgers … Read More

PlayPosit Broadcast for Synchronous Instruction Webinar on August 19 at Noon EDT


Join the PlayPosit instructional design team for a Rutgers-only webinar! Repurpose your asynchronous bulbs or create new content for synchronous classes using Broadcast. PlayPosit’s Broadcast functionality (integrated into Canvas) takes the concept of the clicker and transforms it into a far more robust experience by empowering instructors to: Easily engage large or small classes in … Read More

Top Hat Introductory Webinar on August 18 at 10 AM EDT

Top Hat

Join us on August 18th at 10 AM EDT to learn more about the Top Hat platform. This Top Hat webinar will discuss ways that Rutgers faculty members can use Top Hat in their courses to increase student engagement, gauge student comprehension, and foster a sense of community. Whether your classes will be in-person, online, … Read More

Canvas User Account Update Affecting Zoom Integration


Rutgers Canvas Admins made a recent update to some Rutgers Canvas user accounts to bring them in line with best practices for managing Canvas accounts. This had unintended effects on several external applications including Leganto (Reading List), Kaltura, and Zoom.  While issues with Reading List and Kaltura are now resolved, Canvas users who receive an error message in while accessing Zoom … Read More

Voicethread Upgrade Complete – Relink Your Content


As previously announced, Voicethread integration was upgraded on Friday, May 14, 2021, to use the latest learning tools standards. Existing Voicethread content created in Canvas will need to be edited to use the newest integration.  When instructors and course editors import course content into a new course site, please review your Voicethread content after course import and … Read More

Feature Release: Kaltura REACH Captioning


Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce the release of REACH V2. For videos uploaded to Kaltura, automated captions are now powered by Verbit for Rutgers MediaSpace. When a video is uploaded to MediaSpace via the standalone website or through Rutgers Canvas, captions are generated using automatic speech recognition.  This service provides 70-95% accuracy.  Video owners … Read More