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Kaltura Services Restored


Starting around 8:41 PM EST on January 23, 2023, users were unable to play videos in Kaltura via Mediaspace and the integration in Rutgers Canvas. At 1:22 PM, Kaltura engineers identified the cause and implemented a fix. Playback service was restored for the majority of Kaltura customers by 12:47 EST. Rutgers Kaltura admins confirmed that … Read More

Kaltura Services Unavailable


Kaltura Mediaspace and the Kaltura integration in Canvas is currently unavailable. Users will not be able to Log into rutgers.mediaspace.kaltura.com View Kaltura content embedded on Canvas pages, assignments, or posted as links. Complete PlayPosit quizzes. Access My Media and Media Gallery in their Canvas courses. Rutgers IT and others are working to resolve this issue. … Read More

Feature Release: Packback Upgrade


Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce the upgrade of Packback LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3. This upgrade is needed to meet the latest learning tools and standards; core functionality and features have not changed. If you do not have Packback connected into your course, follow the instructions on Connecting Your Learning Management System to Packback. … Read More

Register for Rutgers-Sponsored Playposit Broadcast: A Classroom Clicker Training on January 24, 2023 at 1 PM

PlayPosit is the ultimate instructional design studio that offers content creators simplicity (templates, reusable learning objects, over a million premade learning objects) and power (jumps, website embeds, overlays, complex behavior, choice trees, discussion threads) to create an active learning experience by layering activities, websites, feedback, videos, questions, and more on top of video, audio and … Read More

Feature Release: JSTOR Integration with Hypothesis

Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce the release of Hypothesis JSTOR integration. Combined with Rutgers University Libraries JSTOR access, Canvas students may now engage with nearly 2,800 academic journals, images, books, and primary sources from many disciplines. This release promotes best practices with intellectual property while providing instructors with active feedback on reading assignments. The JSTOR-Hypothesis … Read More

Feature Release: Perusall LTI 1.3 Upgrade


Rutgers is pleased to announce the upgrade from Perusall 1.1 to Perusall 1.3 The existing integration was removed on December 23, 2022. Existing Fall 2022 (and prior semesters) will no longer work, but student submissions and grades are saved through the publisher’s website. For Spring 2023 courses, instructors should re-link their Canvas pages with the … Read More

Feature Release: Zoom Pro Upgrade to Latest Standard

Rutgers Canvas has upgraded the Zoom integration to the latest learning tool standards and is currently available for use. Core functionality has not changed. The existing integration was upgraded on December 22, 2022 at 9:15 AM. Existing links in all your Canvas courses (and prior semesters) have not been altered. Future and past meeting information … Read More

Registration for Hypothesis Workshop Series and Hypothesis Academy

Rutgers Canvas is pleased to offer training by Hypothesis Instructional Design team for a series of webinars that help students engage with your instructional content.  Hypothesis is a tool that allow instructors and students to take notes, view, and reply to other notes along with other features.  Please join us for the following webinars: Annotating … Read More

Feature Release: Kaltura Mediaspace Enhancements


Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce the release of new features for Kaltura Mediaspace. In addition to new functionality, cosmetic changes have been made. These changes do not affect the Kaltura integration in Canvas. The features now available include: Bulk Upload: Users may now drag and drop or click and select many media files at … Read More

Feature Release: McGraw-Hill Connect to New Standard

McGraw-Hill Campus

Rutgers Canvas has upgraded McGraw-Hill Connect to the latest learning tool standards and is currently available for use. The existing integration will be removed on May 15, 2023. Existing links in your Fall 2022 Canvas courses (and prior semesters) will no longer work; however, student submissions and grades will exist through the publisher’s website. For … Read More