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Feature Release: Hawkes Learning

Hawkes Learning

Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce the integration of Hawkes Learning, an educational courseware platform providing instructional content and mastery-based learning to enhance student success in college courses. Hawkes Learning products provide software, textbook, tutor and step-by-step breakdown of questions, and practice tests. eBook access includes personalized learning by providing detailed feedback to explain errors. … Read More

iClicker Recommendation for macOS Users


This month, Apple plans to release macOS 10.15 (Catalina). This release will affect all iClicker Cloud and iClicker Classic instructors who choose to update to the new macOS. It will not affect students using the iClicker Reef web app. iClicker has verified recent requirement modifications from Apple which allow the current iClicker Classic and iClicker … Read More

Feature Release: Training Services Portal for Canvas Instructors

Training Services Portal

Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce the release of the Training Services Portal, provided by Instructure, the parent company of Canvas. Rutgers Canvas admins and instructors now have access to free training resources created by Instructure. To access the Training Services Portal, click the Canvas Help menu.  The Training Portal contains: Live Trainings – The … Read More

Playposit Weekly Webinar Series


As previously announced, Playposit was upgraded on August 19, 2020. Playposit is an online tool to create and share interactive video lessons.  To support the upgrade, Playposit is announcing a weekly webinar series to provide an exclusive overview of the revamped interface.  The interactive live sessions will be 40 minutes, followed by a question and … Read More

Top Hat login upgrade to use Rutgers NetID on August 20, 2019

Top Hat

Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce that users will be able to log into Top Hat with their Rutgers NetID and password.  This upgrade will be completed by Tuesday, August 20, 2019. Once the upgrade is complete, users will Navigate to the Top Hat login page. Search for Rutgers University. Click Login with your school account. You … Read More

Feature Release: LabArchives


Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce the integration of LabArchives, an electronic laboratory notebook. LabArchives is a content and data management platform and also includes an integrate digital lab notebook module. This service allows instructors to add their lab manual, integrate an OpenStax textbook, and, in the future, lab manual content from cross-disciplinary open source … Read More

ProctorTrack upgrade on August 19, 2019


Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce that Proctortrack will roll out their new student dashboard to help improve the onboarding and test taking experience. The updated user interface for students and faculty will become available on Monday, August 19, 2019. Proctortrack is rolling out mobile apps for Android and iOS devices that will allow students … Read More

Lynda.com transition to LinkedIn Learning with Downtime starting August 19, 2019


On Monday, August 19, Rutgers will be transitioning from Lynda.com to an upgraded platform, LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning will provide the same access to valuable instructional videos through an improved, personalized experience powered by LinkedIn. What does this mean? LinkedIn now owns Lynda.com and on Monday, August 19, Lynda.com will be upgraded to LinkedIn Learning. Everyone who … Read More

PlayPosit Upgrade on August 19th


Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce that PlayPosit will release version 3.0 on August 19th.  Although Playposit will update globally on August 1, 2019, Playposit for Rutgers Canvas will be updated on August 19, 2019 to reduce impact during the summer semester. What does this mean for you?  Content Migration: If you already have content in PlayPosit, everything will automatically … Read More

Feature Release: Knewton Alta

Knewton Alta

Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce the integration of Knewton Alta, adaptive learning course. Knewton provides adaptive learning technology to personalize educational. Combined with Knewton’s Alta product that uses open educational resources, Knewton Alta provides course content, quizzes, and examples to identify knowledge gaps as students complete assignments. Each topic is organized by learning objective … Read More