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Vital Source

VitalSource allows students and instructors to access textbooks online, offline and via mobile applications.  VitalSource works with over 1000 publishers to extend the availability of etexts beyond the current integrations available in Canvas. The VitalSource bookshelf also allows offline access of etexts.

Instructors should work with their VitalSource representative to adopt a textbook or check with your publisher about textbook availability through Vital Source.  Please work with your Vital Source representative to determine payment method (student-pay or invoice).

To enable in Canvas:

  1. Click the + sign to add content to a module.
  2. Select External Tool in drop down.
  3. Select VitalSource.
  4. In the url field, add the BID/SKU from the VitalSource system at the end of the URL.  For example, if you want to launch to the book “Metabolism”  SKU/VBID=VCS-0074009900852 the URL will be:
  5. Check the box to say “Load in new tab.”
  6. Click “Add Item.”

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