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Training Services Portal

The Training Services Portal provides Rutgers Canvas admins and instructors access to free training resources created by Instructure, the parent company of Canvas.

To access the Training Services Portal, click the Canvas Help menu.  The Training Portal contains:

  • Live Trainings – The calendar for the webinars and registration to access these webinars no longer will require a second log in and will be available right from the portal in your help menu.
  • Learning Pathways – A series of On Demand Training courses with videos, written information and related help guides curated into a logical series.
  • Courses – A series of On Demand training videos, gifs graphics and written information along with related links to help guides to learn all of the Canvas awesome.
  • Videos – All On Demand training videos used in the Learning Pathways and courses can be taken individually outside of the context of a course.
  • Badges – All completed courses and webinars will provide the learner with a badge.
  • Certificate – Each learning pathway will provide a certificate to the learner if you attain the minimum level of competency (so pay attention) as measured by content interaction questions.

Since this portal is offered by Instructure, it will contain trainings for all Canvas users (e.g., K12, Higher Ed, Administrators) and include features that may not be available in Rutgers Canvas (e.g., grading periods, parent observers, Nearpod, etc.) or may not be available to your course (e.g. account outcomes, grading schemes, and rubrics) because your unit has opted to not use the feature.

Rutgers Canvas specific training opportunities may be found on the Canvas website.

To get started, view How do I use the Training Services Portal as an instructor Canvas Guide.