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Yellowdig’s Engage digital platform is designed to build learning communities by combining the power of gameful learning principles with a social media interface. Yellowdig Engage supports active learning, student agency, and increases course participation, engagement, and retention. Engage is used by instructors across a diverse set of degree levels, study areas as well as in face-to-face, online and hybrid course modalities.

Students and instructors can engage and interact with one another in communities by creating posts, comments, polls, sharing audio, recording videos, and much more!

With the app installed in your course you will get the benefits of:

  • Real Community: Yellowdig’s point system encourages students to interact organically around the topics that the instructor chooses. No more need for “Post once, comment twice” pedagogy, only real student-driven conversations. 
  • Advanced Analytics: Instructors have access to advanced analytics that enable them to inform their teaching, identify at risk students, and track how their Community is doing compared to all Yellowdig Communities or other Rutgers Communities in the areas of Sharing, Listening, and Interacting
  • Decreased Overhead Time: Yellowdig’s automated point system cuts down on the time instructors spend grading repetitive posts. Instructors will still want to model ideal behavior for their students by participating as a Community member. 
  • Ease of Use: Designed like social media students are familiar with, adoption of Yellowdig is very simple
    • Students do not need to log in or create a separate account
    • Students and instructors can view multiple communities that they are a part of

If you need technical assistance or questions please contact Yellowdig.

Students will need to purchase an access code.

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