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Instructors: Getting started with Canvas?


Canvas Release Notes (2019-08-17) and Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-08-14)

Recently,  Instructure, the parent company of Canvas, has changed how Canvas is updated. Canvas Releases occur every third Saturday of the month along with Release Notes. A release represents a scheduled event when customer-affecting code is intended to be visible. Pertinent features and upgrades are listed below for the August release. Additionally, Canvas deploys contain … Read More

Top Hat login upgrade to use Rutgers NetID on August 20, 2019

Top Hat

Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce that users will be able to log into Top Hat with their Rutgers NetID and password.  This upgrade will be completed by Tuesday, August 20, 2019. Once the upgrade is complete, users will Navigate to the Top Hat login page. Search for Rutgers University. Click Login with your school account. You … Read More

Feature Release: LabArchives


Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce the integration of LabArchives, an electronic laboratory notebook. LabArchives is a content and data management platform and also includes an integrate digital lab notebook module. This service allows instructors to add their lab manual, integrate an OpenStax textbook, and, in the future, lab manual content from cross-disciplinary open source … Read More

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