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Google Apps LTI

The Google Apps LTI makes it easier for instructors to include collaborations, content sharing, engaging course content, and assignment distribution directly within Canvas. The integration also makes it easy for students to collaborate with instructors and fellow students on individual or group assignments. Please review the full Canvas Release: Google Apps LTI  release notes for this external application.

The Canvas and Google Apps integration has five main points of interoperability that promote great teaching and learning:

  1. Google Drive embedding and linking: easily embed documents from your Google Drive anywhere you use the Rich Content Editor
  2. Google Docs as Assignments:
    • Students can submit Google Docs as Assignments
    • Teachers can use a Google Doc to give an Assignment, and send a copy of that document to each assigned student
    • Teachers can grade submitted student assignments in Speedgrader by editing or annotating the Google Doc
  3. Google Drive Collaborations: students can use Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides for a Canvas Collaboration
  4. Modules: Teachers can link to a live Google Files in their Canvas Modules

To use the Google Apps LTI, Canvas Users will need an existing Google login associated as a secondary email address in their Canvas Account. 

Google Drive Web Service has been disabled to prevent confusion for student who would otherwise see tabs for both Google Drive and Google Doc when uploading a file submission. Users will need to re-authorize Google to access their Canvas accounts.

Google Drive is enabled by default in the course navigation.  If you do not intend to use it, please disable it by hiding the link in the course navigation.

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