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RU Faculty Tools – Mirror Sites

Mirror Sites, available as an application in RU Faculty Tools, allow faculty and staff to create a separate course site and mirror an active student roster. When students add or drop a course during the semester, their enrollment will be updated in both the original and mirror site’s rosters.

Instructions on how to set up a Mirror Sites, can be found on the Mirror Sites – Instructor Guide.

Using Mirror Sites depends on the following requirements:

User Requirements:

  • The person requesting the Mirror Site is an active Faculty or Staff at the University.
  • The person requesting the Mirror Site is logging into Canvas with their Rutgers NetID. Email accounts will not work.
  • The person requesting the Mirror Site is enrolled into the section as a teacher, TA, Facilitator, Course Support, or other editing role.

Course Requirements:

  • The course site is listed in a current or future term. Past terms are disabled and will not update the student roster.
  • The course section was created by Rutgers Course Scheduling System and linked with an active registration index number.

Additional Use Guidelines:

  • Mirror Sites cannot use Canvas GradeSync. All grades need to be finalized in the original course site if you plan to use Canvas to send grades.
  • Mirror Sites cannot use First Day Course Materials.  First Day content will need to be shared in the original course site to take advantage of the discount course materials program.
  • Mirror Sites will not work for RBHS BANNER course sites or any manually created sections.
  • Only one Mirror Site per section may be created. If another course instructor has already created a Mirror Site, their information will be displayed on the request page.

Mirror Sites are available for course editing roles through RU Faculty Tools. If it is not listed, please enable it in the course navigation.

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