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There are different migrations options for moving your course to Canvas:

  • Course Migrations coordinated by your Department or Business Unit
  • Choosing to Migrate your Course yourself
  • No Migration – Start Fresh in Canvas


Course Migrations by Department or Business Unit

Your department may want to coordinate a full migration as a whole. Logistics and communications will be maintained by your departmental administrators and instructional technology support.

If you are a faculty member and want to move to Canvas now, please reach out your department to make sure moving to the Canvas LMS will not interrupt any ongoing programs. After communicating with your department, you can proceed with moving the course yourself or use the services provided by Teaching and Learning with Technology.

Migrate A Course Yourself

You may choose to migrate the course site on your own. Depending on the complexity of your course content structure, you may have to do some content reorganization. This is a good opportunity to re-evaluate your course structure.

Start by requesting a sandbox site. Once you have your sandbox, you can start moving the content over. Tutorial guides can be found under the Migration Documentation.

For additional support please contact Teaching and Learning with Technology or your local instructional design resources (where applicable).

No Migration – Start Fresh in Canvas

Have you taught a course and just copied the content year over year? Even with small updates each semester, these course often get cluttered with outdated content or duplicate files. It might be time to start fresh and recreate the course the way you want. Starting from a blank site you can:

  • Make sure all of your content is recent and still relevant to your course.
  • Try new interactive or collaborative tools to better engage with your students.

If you are ready for the challenge, request a sandbox site to start developing your content in Canvas. If you need assistance, there are number of training and support resources available.