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Pearson Access

Pearson Access provides instructors with the ability to link their Canvas course to Pearson content and activities through the MyLab, Mastering, eText, and Revel Pearson products. This fully digital, immersive educational technology boosts student engagement and retention, leading to better understanding of concepts and improved performance throughout the course. Features include assignability, tracking tools, performance dashboard, and more. Automatic gradesync and deep-linking are available for most products.

Please note that you will need an account previously created with Pearson to access any online material. If you do not see Pearson Access in your course navigation, please enable it by managing your course navigation links.

Students will need to purchase an access code.

Additional Resources:

Rutgers is using the Pearson Access integration which may also be called LTI Advantage in Pearson support documents. MyLab and Mastering and the Pearson Revel tools are no longer available in Rutgers Canvas.