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Top Hat

Top Hat’s in-class teaching platform brings active learning into the classroom to help faculty achieve their course goals. Top Hat is an end-to-end teaching solution where students are engaged in and out of the classroom through cutting-edge polling software, low-cost interactive content, flexible homework systems, and secure test-taking solutions. Across its suite of products, Top Hat offers discipline-specific assessment types to gauge understanding and deepen comprehension.

Top Hat is a cloud-based solution which offers many new features for classroom engagement, and students will no longer be required to purchase a physical device, but can use their own mobile device, and simply purchase a Top Hat subscription. With Top Hat, instructors may

  • Turn students’ internet-connected devices into teaching tools—with Top Hat, there’s no need for additional hardware.
  • Take attendance effortlessly and accurately—our location-based attendance technology means only students who are actually in class get counted.
  • Engage your class in a more meaningful way—create polls, questions and discussions that encourage participation and conversation, and give you real-time feedback.
  • Create interactive homework that provides hints and feedback to help students master their course material.
  • Track student performance with the Top Hat Gradebook.
  • Integrate with Rutgers Canvas to pass grades to the gradebook.

Students and instructors can use Top Hat through the Canvas integration (just enable it in your course navigation) and from the Top Hat website (search for Rutgers University).

Top Hat Single Sign-on for Rutgers

You can use your Rutgers NetID to access Top Hat.  Please see how to create a new account with Top Hat with single sign-on or how to use your previously created account to log in with single sign-on.

Top Hat Support for Students

If you need assistance with your Top Hat account, subscription, or return form, please contact Top Hat student support directly, via email or phone. Only Top Hat can manage accounts and refunds. or call 1-888-663-5491.

Top Hat Subscription Pricing

Preferred pricing for Rutgers University students (not per course):

  • One semester: $20
  • One year: $30
  • Lifetime: $55

Top Hat Enhanced Functionality for Canvas:

  • Roster sync 
  • Multiple column grade sync 
  • Attendance sync 
  • Secure, single sign on integration 

Additional Resources:

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