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Perusall is an e-book platform that that allows students to be prepared for every class. Perusall increases student engagement, collaboration, and community with the only social annotation platform that works well with all types of content including books, articles, web pages, videos, podcasts and images. By annotating digital text, students receive responses quicker, be able to assist others digitally, and assist instructors with structuring class time. Perusall includes features such as

  • Peer to peer engagement: Perusall turns course work into a social experience. Student receives emails and can reply within the email and the comment will post within the Perusall course.
  • Assess student progress: Provides instructors with actionable data
    • Student Confusion Report: report general areas of questions and confusion where instructors can focus on within their class.
    • Student Activity Report: show varies statistics of student engagement with a particular assignment.
  • Mix and match content: Instructors can mix and match within a single assignment.
  • Encourage Learner Communities: Students can utilize the chat feature to discuss with one another or with the instructor. 
  • Sync Easily
  • Think Critically: Perusall offers interactive note-taking which does not just allow students to highlight, students can create notes, snip content, and jump back to the content within the assignment.
  • Accessibility
  • Data best Practices


For any questions and technical assistance, please contact Perusall Support. For the latest updates within Perusall, please view the Perusall Changelog.


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