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This page contains instructions on how to get a Live Course Site with Roster.


Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

Live Course Sites coded for Canvas are automatically created before the start of each semester.

  • Assigned instructors will be provided access when the Live Course Site is created in Canvas
  • Student rosters in each Live Course Site are synced with the student information systems daily

If you are teaching in the current or upcoming semester and do not see your course listed in your Canvas Account, please work with your departmental administrators or departmental course editors to accurately code your course offering using the course scheduling system requirements below.

Course Scheduling System Requirements


If a Live Course Site is not created 48 hours after updating the Course Scheduling System:
Please email

For Time Sensitive Requests

You can email to request a Live Course Site to be set up manually. The following information must be included in the email:

  • REGIS Registration Index Number or BANNER Course Reference Number
  • Full Course and Section Code
  • Instructor Rutgers NetID
  • Are you teaching multiple sections?
    • If yes, should they be separate Live Course Sites or combined into 1 Site?

Non-Credit Courses

The Application for Noncredit Online Registration (ANCOR) is the registration system used at Rutgers ensure compliance with the university’s policies for noncredit student records and business practices.

The ANCOR integration in Canvas allows programs to create canvas course sites themselves and have enrollments synced in real time. For more information about ANCOR, please visit their website.

All other Canvas non-credit related questions should be sent to