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Live Course Sites are the official worksites integrated with Rutgers Course Scheduling Systems and Student Information Systems. The supported systems include REGIS, BANNER, and ANCOR (non-credit professional development).


Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

All Undergraduate and graduate sections are set up in Canvas before the start of each semester.

  • One Canvas course site is created for each active RegIndex number and BANNER CRN.
  • Student rosters in Canvas are synced with the student information system every morning.
  • Assigned instructors in the Course Scheduling Systems are added to their Canvas section.

Additional information about how OIT handles the course, student, and teacher can be found at Course and Enrollment Provisioning.

Getting Access to the Live Course Site

Faculty assigned in the course scheduling systems will be automatically provided access to their section in Canvas. If you are teaching in the current or upcoming semester and do not see your course listed under your Canvas Account, please review the instructions below.

Request Instructor Assignments in Course Scheduling System

Departmental administrators or course editors with access to the course scheduling systems can add your NetID under the assigned instructor. Please reach out to your scheduling office to request this change. Canvas will add the teacher within 24 hours after update is made.

Instructions for the scheduling office to add a teacher in course scheduling system:

Rutgers Course Scheduling System – Instructor Assignments

    1. Click Add Instructor
    2. Select “IN – Instructor” as the Course Role

Screenshot of Rutgers Course Scheduling System

BANNER (Ellucian) – Meeting times and Instructor

    1. Select the Meeting Times and Instructors tab in SSASECT
    2. Enter the Instructor Block.
    3. Put the instructors A Number in the ID field then click Save.

Screenshot of BANNER (Ellucian)

Request access from Sub-Account Admin or Canvas help desk

Sub-account admins and instructional designers have the permission to add teachers into Canvas courses. Additionally, instructors may send an email to to request access to their section. The following information will need be included in the email to verify the request.

  1. Instructor’s Rutgers NetID
  2. Course code and section
  3. Registration index number (5 digit number)