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There are two types of Course Sites used in Canvas

  • Live Course Sites will be linked with an academic or non-credit roster
  • Sandbox Course Sites will not have an attached roster

Live Course Sites

Live Course Sites are the official worksites for a particular academic course and are linked to the Rutgers Student Information Systems to automatically populate its roster. The supported systems are REGIS, BANNER, and ANCOR (non-credit professional development).

Set Up Your Live Course Site with Roster

Sandbox Course Sites

Sandbox Course Sites (often referred to as a ‘templates’) are not connected to a roster. These sites can be used for practice, testing, or archiving content. The content in these Sandbox Course Sites can easily be transferred into a Live Course Site via the Course Import Tool.

Sandbox Course Sites will not have an attached roster.

Request a Sandbox Course Site

Have content on another LMS?

Instructors who have previously taught on Sakai, Moodle, or Blackboard can be provided with a Sandbox Course Site to start moving their content over manually.

More information about their LMS migration services can be found on the Migration Page.