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LabArchives is a content and data management platform and also includes an integrate digital lab notebook module. This service allows instructors to add their lab manual, integrate an OpenStax textbook, and, in the future, lab manual content from cross-disciplinary open source lab manual repository. LabArchives allows instructors to create, modify, and push content updates out to students immediately 24/7.

LabArchives benefits include:

  • Easy two-way communication between faculty and TAs and students, which improves student engagement.
  • Integrations with digital systems and platforms, such as MS Office, Google, Box, ChemDoodle, Chem Sketcher, SnapGene, Canvas, Vernier, Turnitin, GraphPad, FLOWJO, etc., and more are coming.
  • Lower student cost as students by providing the laboratory manual in electronic form.
  • LabArchives App allows for access and use of LabArchives from mobile devices to allow students to take pictures of an experiment to upload the picture directly into their digital LabArchives notebook.

Integration with Canvas. Enhanced functionality includes:

  • Single sign-on from Canvas to LabArchives.
  • Grading in LabArchives or Canvas SpeedGrader.
  • LabArchives is embedded inside of Canvas; so, student don’t have to leave Canvas.

Instructor Webinars:

Instructors are required to have an existing account for Lab Archives.  Please work with your Lab Archives representative to determine payment method (student-pay or invoice).

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