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Codon Learning

Codon Learning is a courseware platform that helps students learn how to learn in the context of their coursework by developing metacognition and more effective study strategies. Codon’s goal is to support the use of evidence-based teaching and learning strategies that are more equitable and lead to greater retention. In the instructor application, instructors build high-structure courses, including measurable learning objectives, frequent formative assessments, and actionable analytics.

From there, students use Codon Learning to

  1. See the outline of topics and learning objectives in their course
  2. Get feedback on pre-class and post-class assessments
  3. Use a personalized “Study Path” to identify gaps in their understanding and work toward achievement of their course’s learning objectives through self-testing and spaced learning.

Note: Instructors must have an existing Codon account before integrating with Canvas. Please contact to have an account set up. Students will need to purchase a subscription.

For any technical assistance and questions, please contact or submit a ticket.


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