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Course Coordinator Role in Canvas

This page contains information about how the Course Role’s ‘Instruction – Primary‘ and ‘Course Coordinator‘ are provisioned into Canvas from the Rutgers Course Scheduling System.

The Course Coordinator role is based on the Teacher role. Visit the Course Roles and Permissions to view the permissions chart.


In the Rutgers Course Scheduling System, the Section Detail page allows users from both academic departments and the Scheduling office to add instructors of record. Once the user adds an instructor, he or she may edit the Course Role. screenshot of the Rutgers CSS instructor assignment.

There are two Course Roles that will sync with Canvas and add the user to the course site.

IN – Instruction – Primary will be added to Canvas as “Teacher”

  • This person is teaching in the classroom, and is the primary (or one of the primary) individuals responsible for the course.

CC Course Coordinator will be added to Canvas as “Course Coordinator”

  • This person is responsible for coordinating the administration of all sections of a multi-sectioned course. If there’s a Course Coordinator, there should also be an Instructor/Lecturer for the lecture portion of the course. 

Course Coordinators will receive the same notifications as the Teacher Role. You can change the default settings by setting your own notification settings. See How do I manage my Canvas notification settings?