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Assign BANNER Primary Instructor

These instructions are for RBHS school registrar to assign a primary instructor for an active course. After assigning the instructor, Canvas will create the live course site, add the instructor, and sync the roster.

Please contact with any inquiries.


The instructor can be updated using the following steps in BANNER (Ellucian):

  1. Select the Meeting Times and Instructors tab in SSASECTscreenshot of meeting time field in banner
  2. Enter the Instructor Block.
  3. Put the instructors A Number in the ID field then click Save.screenshot of meeting time validation code in banner



Cannot assign the instructor?

You may need to add them in the system first. Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Select the Meeting Times and Instructors tab in SSASECT
  2. Enter the Schedule Block and click on the ellipse in the Meeting Time field.screenshot of meeting time field in banner
  3. Double click on the MT Meeting Time Code.screenshot instructor addition in banner
  4. The MT Code and the POT start and end dates will be preloaded in the schedule block.
  5. Select the Meeting Location and Credits sub-tab.screenshot of meeting location and credits field in banner
  6. Enter zero (0) in the Hours per Week field then click Save. You may get a warning that the change “Could cause schedule conflicts for registered students.”. Click OK to continue.screenshot of meeting dates in banner
  7. Enter the Instructor Block.
  8. Put the instructors A Number in the ID field then click Savescreenshot of meeting time validation code in banner