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Account Admin Roles and Permissions

This page contains information about Account Admin Roles and Permissions. Click here for information about Course Roles and Permissions.


Account Admin in Canvas

There are two types of users in Canvas: Account-level users and Course-level users. Account-level users (referred as Account Admins) have permissions to view and/or make changes inside of Canvas Sub-Accounts. The main difference is that an Account Admin does not have to be enrolled to a course site to gain access.

An Account Admin role is typically held by departmental IT staff who provide Canvas consulting and support for instructors and students. Other candidates for the Account Admin roles may include program chairs or administrators who need access to multiple courses within their department for accreditation or other administrative purposes.

Roles and permissions will vary based on the individual’s responsibility and status at the University.


Account Admin Roles

Sub-Account Admin

Primary use: This role is reserved for users who need full access to support their students and instructors.

Permissions: Users with this role can access and modify the content for all sites under a Sub-Account. Additionally this role can configure the sub-account settings, create announcements, and view reporting tools. This role can view grades.

Instructional Designer and Support

Primary use: Recommended for instructional designers, administrators, and technologists to support their staff and faculty.

Permissions: Access to view and edit Canvas content. Will need add themselves as a Teacher to edit course settings. This role can manage question banks, learning outcomes, and rubrics. This role cannot view grades or add students.


Primary use: Recommended for deans, chairs, and program directors that need access to a department or school.

Permissions: Access to view all of the Canvas sites associated with their designated school or department. This role has the permission to add or remove users for a course. This role can view grades.

View Only

Primary use: Recommended for administrators, auditors, and limited access use-cases.

Permissions: This is role is based on the department role without the permission to add or remove users. This role cannot view grades.


Requesting Account Admin Access

Before applying for Account Admin access, you will need to complete the Office of Information Technology Agreement for Accessing University Information. Users will not be provided access until this is completed.

To apply for Account Admin access, complete and submit the Request Canvas Admin Access Form. The request will be forwarded to a designated Campus/Departmental Authority and the Canvas administrators for approval.

If the request is approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your Account Admin Login ID. The Admin Login ID will be a separate Canvas user account.

Step by step instructions below:

  1. Complete the Agreement for Accessing University Information
  2. Complete the Request Canvas Admin Access Form
    • Approval by a departmental authority
    • Approval by the Canvas administrators
  3. Submit an RAD admin Request. This ID will be used to login to your admin account.

If you have questions with your application or do not have a Rutgers NetID please email


RAD Admin ID:

Account admin access will be provided as a second user account in Canvas to separate the admin role from student or teaching roles associated to the NetID account.

The RAD admin (Rutgers Active Directory) will use CAS to login. The RAD admin ID is formatted as NetID-adm and will use a different password than your primary NetID.

Submit an RAD Admin Request


Maintaining Account Admin Access

Account Admins in Canvas will need to renew their access each fiscal year. At the start of June each year, Account Admins will be sent an email to begin the renewal process. Users with who do not complete renewal, will lose their account permissions and will be required to re-request access.

Additionally, if you are changing positions or leaving the university, you must contact the Canvas administrators by emailing


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