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Kaltura In-Video Quiz Sunset on May 20, 2022


Kaltura in-video quizzing (IVQ) has been in use at Rutgers since 2016. Currently, Kaltura IVQ comprises less than 1% of Kaltura content for Rutgers University. Seamless grade passback to the Canvas gradebook is prevented by some browser extensions including ad blockers. This leads to frustration for many students and instructors. In consultation with instructional technology support staff across Rutgers campuses, Rutgers IT – Enterprise Application Services – Education Technologies will sunset Kaltura IVQ on May 20, 2022. Users will need to migrate their in-video quizzes to PlayPosit.

Migration of Kaltura IVQs to PlayPosit is a manual process. Quiz owners will need to export quiz data for retention purposes, if needed.

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