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Feature Release: REGIS GradeSync and RU Faculty Tools

RU Faculty Tools – REGIS GradeSync

The Rutgers Office of the Registrar and Office of Information Technology are pleased to announce that REGIS GradeSync is now available for every Legacy Rutgers course. Released for the Spring 2020 grading period and for future terms, REGIS GradeSync provides instructors with a simple one-time push of final letter grades to REGIS, saving time and reducing errors. Instructors with a large class size or multiple sections will benefit from REGIS GradeSync. REGIS GradeSync is available through RU Faculty Tools. To get started, review the REGIS GradeSync Instructor Guide.

RU Faculty Tools is available for Canvas teachers and other editing roles available in your Canvas course. If RU Faculty Tools is not listed, please enable it in the course navigation. RU Faculty Tools is a collection of applications and resources to enhance teaching and instruction within Rutgers Canvas. These applications and resources are developed and maintained by the Rutgers Office of Information Technology. Please look for further announcements as we add new resources to RU Faculty Tools.