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REGIS GradeSync – Instructor Guide

This page describes how an instructor will use REGIS GradeSync in Rutgers Canvas to send final course grades to the REGIS.

We recommend that you review the guidance on Canvas Grading Best Practices and How-To guides below on setting up your Grading Schema and gradebook before continuing with the GradeSync process.

Requirements for using REGIS GradeSync

REGIS GradeSync depends on the following conditions:

  • The REGIS grading period is open.
  • The Canvas course site has at least one section tied to one REGINDEX in REGIS for the current term.
  • The Canvas course site has a grading scheme enabled with valid grades accepted by REGIS.
  • The Canvas instructor logs into Rutgers Canvas with a NetID and is enrolled in the Canvas course as a Canvas teacher, TA, Facilitator, Course Support, or other editing role.
  • The Canvas instructor is assigned with a REGIS role of Grader or higher for the REGIS section.
  • The Canvas instructor has an active faculty or staff role for the current semester.

Canvas Grading Best Practices

REGIS GradeSync Best Practices

  • Review all final course grades and letter grades displayed in GradeSync since GradeSync can only be used once to send grades to REGIS.
  • REGIS GradeSync will not overwrite grades that already exist in REGIS, e.g., W grades.
  • Communicate with co-instructors as to who will be sending grades to REGIS. There will be no indicator that grades have been sent to REGIS by another instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)