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REGIS Final GradeSync

This page describes how an instructor will use REGIS Final GradeSync to send final course grades from Canvas to REGIS.

Instructors looking to submit warning grades can use Warning GradeSync.

REGIS Final GradeSync Requirements

  • The Grading Period must be open in REGIS.
  • The Canvas course site must contain at least one section tied to one REGINDEX in REGIS.
  • The Canvas course site must have grading scheme enabled with valid grades.
  • The Canvas instructor’s NetID is enrolled in the Canvas site as a Canvas Teacher, TA, Facilitator, Course Support.
  • The Canvas instructor is assigned with a role of Grader or higher for the REGIS section.
  • The Canvas instructor has an active faculty or staff role for the current semester.


Final GradeSync

Final GradeSync can only be used once to send grades to REGIS and will not overwrite grades that were already entered.

Before using Final GradeSync, your Canvas site may need additional set up. The instructions for setting up your Canvas Gradebook and using Final GradeSync is split into three parts below.

  1. Confirm Grade Scheme Setup in Course Settings
  2. Finalize Assignment Grading in Gradebook
  3. Send Grades to REGIS with Final GradeSync


Canvas Grading Best Practices

  • Before using GradeSync, it is best to grade all assignments for all students and post all grades. There should be no blank or empty spaces in your gradebook. If you see an eye with a slash icon, you have not posted all grades. See How do I use the icons and colors in the Gradebook?
  • The letter grade that the instructor sees in the Canvas Grades Total column is what will be sent to REGIS. If the Total column has an eye icon with a slash, the student may see a different letter grade than the instructor. This occurs if there are still unposted grades in the gradebook. Posting all grades ensures there is no confusion for the student.
  • Instructors may prefer to hide totals in students’ grade summaries and hide grade distribution scoring details from students.
  • Instructors may choose to override a student’s final letter grade.
  • Communicate with co-instructors as to who will be sending grades to REGIS. There will be no indicator that grades have been sent to REGIS by another instructor.


Instructions for Final GradeSync



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)