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Action Required from PlayPosit Instructors to Resolve Issue


As previously announced, users are experiencing issues when accessing PlayPosit content in Rutgers Canvas. The vendor believes this is related to email address changes by the end user.

What is happening?

Previously, Rutgers Canvas used PlayPosit v1.1. On Friday, May 10, 2024, PlayPosit was upgraded to v1.3. After the upgrade, students and instructors received an LTI 1.3 error message when accessing PlayPosit content in Rutgers Canvas. The error was not resolved by clearing cache and cookies or using different a browser.

What are we doing about it?

As instructors and students reported issues, Rutgers Canvas admins worked with PlayPosit support to collect data, review Canvas and PlayPosit configurations, and analyze network traffic logs. PlayPosit believes they have identified the root cause. Users launched PlayPosit LTI 1.1 with one email address and then changed their default email address in Canvas. Since Rutgers Canvas was still using LTI 1.1, there was no impact.

On May 10, PlayPosit was upgraded to LTI 1.3 and issues arose. When a user launched PlayPosit, the user’s Canvas account email address did not match an existing account in PlayPosit so a new account was created. The account owner of the bulb (the old email address) had not accessed LTI 1.3 so an LTI error occurred.

What happens next?

Course instructors should access their Canvas Assignments tied to PlayPosit activities before students access the course content.  This will trigger the migration from LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3. Some students are encountering issues when the PlayPosit grade does not sync with the Canvas gradebook. If they are unable to advance to the next Canvas Module item, ask your student to click the option to re-sync grades.

Rutgers Canvas admins and PlayPosit will work together to migrate instructor bulbs so to the PlayPosit account with the email address that matches the default (starred) email in Rutgers Canvas. To prevent issues at the start of the Fall semester, course instructors that use PlayPosit will need to complete these steps:

  1. Launch the PlayPosit in Rutgers Canvas.
  2. Complete this form to report your email address(es).
  3. Wait for confirmation that your content was migrated.
  4. Verify in Rutgers Canvas that you do not experience an error.