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Upcoming Changes: Webex will migrate on June 2, 2024

Cisco Webex

On June 2, 2024, Cisco will be automatically migrate existing Cisco Webex integrations to Webex LTI Legacy. Expect 1 hour of downtime. Webex LTI Legacy will look different, but all the courses, meetings, and settings from the current Cisco Webex integration will be available to you and your students immediately. Course instructors will need to sign into Webex in Rutgers Canvas. This migration is in preparation for a new upgrade later in July.  The current Cisco Webex integration, as well as Webex LTI Legacy, are built using the deprecated LTI 1.1 standard. Webex LTI (v1.3) will be available later this summer.

Webex LTI Legacy changes include:

  • Other Recording – Replaces the Recording Library.
  • Attendance grading – No longer available.
  • Reminder Bot – No longer available.
  • Automatic Meeting Sync with Canvas – Sync is enhanced.
  • Manual Meeting Sync with Canvas – Instructors are able to sync manually the latest meeting recording on demand.
  • Import recordings from Webex – Instructors are able to add recordings from other meetings not associated with your class via the new Other Recordings feature.
  • Additional Meeting Schedule Options
    • Join rules – Choose what happens for people who aren’t on the invite or who aren’t signed in.
    • Auto lock – Prevent users from joining the meeting after it starts.
    • Entry and exit tone – Choose the sound that people hear when someone joins or leaves the meeting.
    • Mute attendees – Meeting hosts may choose to automatically mute attendees upon joining.
    • Automatic recording—Automatically start recording when the meeting starts.
  • Analytics –  No longer available.
  • Canvas Calendar Sync – No longer available.