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Rutgers + Playposit Training 2023 Series


Register for Branched Learning in Playposit

You know how to build a bulb. Now, let’s make it more engaging and personalized for your learners. This session will focus on features and configurations that allow learners to jump, skip, and self-direct their way to content mastery. Features covered include jumping assessment questions, hotspots, and more.

Register for Branched Learning in Playposit on October 17, 2023 @ 1 PM


Playposit Learner-Made Bulbs

You know how to use interactive video and have experienced the benefits in your courses. Did you know your learners can also create bulbs using the Learner Made Bulb application? Use PlayPosit’s learner-made bulbs to promote student leadership, agency, and content expertise. Watch content retention soar!

Register for Playposit Learner-Made Bulbs on October 12, 2023 @ 11 AM


Playposit Playlists

Let us walk you through features of Playlists that create a defragmented learner experience for one-click access to curated content, including PlayPosit bulbs, PDFs, images, docs, sheets, forms, embedded websites, and more. Learners earn a certificate after verified completion. Each Playlist can be customized to require certain behaviors like “mastery-based consumption” or locked/unlocked progression.


Register for Playposit Playlist on November 7, 2023 @ 1 PM