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Feature Release: Kaltura Mediaspace Enhancements


Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce the release of new features for Kaltura Mediaspace. In addition to new functionality, cosmetic changes have been made. These changes do not affect the Kaltura integration in Canvas.

The features now available include:

  • Bulk Upload: Users may now drag and drop or click and select many media files at once.  Media entries will be created for each file imported from the user’s computer.
  • Media Entry Display:  Media owners/editors may customize the media entry display page:
    • Remove header, footer, sidebar, and entry properties.
    • Add a banner image, logo, or color and upload custom CSS.
  • Channel Display: Channel owners/editors may customize the channel display page:
    • Add a carousel to the page banner.
    • Change the default view of the channel page.
    • Change the video player used.

Canvas users who need to upload multiple video entries at one time are encouraged to log into Mediaspace and then embed media in Canvas.