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Feature Release: DesignPlus and TidyUp by Cidi Labs

CidiLabs DesignPlus

Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce the integration of integration of two external apps by Cid iLabs to help course instructors build content quickly and remove unused content.


CidiLabs DesignPlus is a tool that cuts down time develop content within a Canvas course by allowing users to rapidly create and style modules and pages. DesignPlus improves the quality, consistency, and accessibility of a Canvas course and allows users to build a course in half the time. The tool includes:

  • Context Editor Toolbox:
    • Enable to easily create, customize, and style content on any Content, Discussion, Assignment, and Syllabus
  • Multi Tool: 
    • Rapidly create Content and Pages. Multi Tool has a module builder to set up module pattern and creates Assignments, Discussions, and Pages in one step.
  • Upload Embed Image:
    • Use to upload, crop, resize, and embed images anywhere within the Canvas course.

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CidiLabs TidyUp is a tool that makes it simple and easy for instructors to clean their Canvas course. TidyUp scans the Canvas course for unused pages and unlinked files and remove them from the course.

Note: TidyUp does not identify files that are being used in Question Banks 

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