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PlayPosit 101 on March 22 at 11 AM ET


Join Rutgers instructors in a series of webinars hosted by Playposit instructional design staff. PlayPosit is a visual learning tool that allows instructors to build lessons into videos so that students can learn while viewing a video. The tool lets instructors use a library videos from YouTube, TEDx and other video hosting websites, including Rutgers MediaSpace, powered by Kaltura. Instructors can add quizzes or texts lessons to help facilitate learning during the course of a video. The goal with PlayPosit, is to have students learn at their own pace in a fully online setting.

PlayPosit 101 – Introduction to in-video interactions for Rutgers

March 22, 2022 at 11 Am ET

Introductory session for all users of PlayPosit. Learn how to use PlayPosit with your existing Kaltura or YouTube videos to reinforce objectives with formative assessments. PlayPosit provides multiple interaction types with advance response features to transform passive observation into active learning for online and conventional learners as they explore, analyze, and apply concepts through enriched learning content. Focus of this webinar includes reviewing basics of building a bulb and Canvas integration and touch on platform improvements released over the past year.

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