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Playposit Feature Release: Peer Review, Question Banks and Playlists


Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce that Playposit, a video interaction tool, now includes support for question banks, playlists, and peer review.

  • Peer Review: Use the new peer review application to designate groups in Canvas to review submissions.
    • Learner Benefits – Learners gain valuable feedback opportunities, learn from their peers and develop soft skills beyond the classroom. Please share the Playposit Peer Review for Learners article with your students.
    • Instructor Benefits – Rubrics and free form feedback opportunities promote community learning and offload sole responsibility for feedback. Please learn more by viewing the Playposit Peer Review for Instructors article.
  • Question Banks: Question banks provide instructors a solution for more robust auto-graded assessments. Equitable manner of ensuring academic honesty. It does not require additional software or hardware and it allows for multiple versions of questions to appear; thereby, making cheating much more difficult. Review the Playposit Question Bank article.
  • Playlist: Playposit new course playlist functionality offers seamless engagement within or outside of Canvas depending on your workflow. Combinations of bulbs and documents can be delivered to learners in a locked or unlocked progression. Certificates can be generated upon completion. Review the knowledgebase article on Playposit Playlists.