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Webex Meetings Adds Breakout Sessions and Other New Features

Cisco Webex

Recent upgrades to Webex Meetings have added new features and upgraded existing ones. Many of the changes appear automatically, with no action required by users, but others must be actively enabled, either in default settings or during the course of individual meetings. Here are some highlights:

  • Breakout Sessions – Webex Meetings now support video breakout sessions, which are essentially small meetings within larger meetings. Users of laptops, desktops, or iPads can host these sessions, while Android and iPhone users can only attend these sessions.
  • Virtual Backgrounds – Webex Meetings has added more virtual background options, and now allows Windows and macOS users who receive permission from meeting hosts to use any image as their virtual background.
  • Cohosts –  Meeting hosts can now assign other participants to be cohosts, which allows them to mute and unmute other participants, move participants to or admit participants from the lobby, and share many other host-level privileges. Cohosts can be assigned before the meeting starts or on the fly.
  • Participant Content Sharing – Hosts can now allow participants to share their screens during scheduled meetings or meetings in personal rooms.
  • Changes to the user interface – The September updates to Webex Meetings automatically enabled several changes to the user interface that are designed to make it easier for users to navigate the program. The preview screen is larger. Grid view appears automatically. Meeting controls stay at the bottom.

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