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iClicker Recommendation for macOS Users


This month, Apple plans to release macOS 10.15 (Catalina). This release will affect all iClicker Cloud and iClicker Classic instructors who choose to update to the new macOS. It will not affect students using the iClicker Reef web app.

iClicker has verified recent requirement modifications from Apple which allow the current iClicker Classic and iClicker Cloud software platforms to both work with macOS Catalina. Instructors who update to Catalina will, however, need to adjust their macOS settings before using their current iClicker software in the classroom. Please refer to the iClicker support article for more information on the privacy settings that need to be adjusted.

iClicker is recommending that instructors refrain from updating your macOS immediately, due to these extra steps that may disrupt your classroom experience. You can check to see if your Mac has the OS auto-update setting turned on and disable auto-update, giving you more time to make the required privacy adjustments outside of the classroom.

iClicker will continue testing throughout the coming weeks to ensure that iClicker Cloud and iClicker Classic software continues to perform as expected for instructors who update to macOS Catalina.