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Canvas Feature: Conferences Update on May 20, 2019


On May 20, 2019, Conferences, powered by BigBlueButton (BBB), will be updated to a new HTML5 web-based interface. With this improvement, viewers and presenters using mobile and desktop can join or launch a Conference without the use of plugins, specifically Flash and Java. Also, presenters will be utilizing the HTML5 client that has been available to viewers using mobile devices since September 2018.

Users may view training videos below or test out the new interface using the public HTML5 test server.

With this upgrade, Canvas Conferences will:

  • No longer require browser extensions, including Flash or Java, for screenshare.
  • Load twice as quickly and use less bandwidth.
  • Provide a unified interface across desktop, laptop, Chromebook, and mobile devices without downloading a mobile app.
  • Allow presenters to share YouTube videos during the session.  The videos will not be captured in the Conference recording.

Although Instructure will update Canvas Conferences globally on April 20, 2019, Conferences for Rutgers Canvas will be updated on May 20, 2019 to reduce impact during the semester. Although we have been ensured by BBB that any sessions in progress during the upgrade will not be affected, we recommend that you consider rescheduling Canvas conference session.

Moderator Overview for New BigBlueButton Interface

Viewer Overview for New BigBlueButton Interface