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Upcoming Feature Release: New Voicethread enabled on May 13, 2024


Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce the upcoming release of New Voicethread. On May 13, 2024, Rutgers Voicethread will switch to the new experience for all users. Voicethread content in Rutgers Canvas will remain and does not need to be re-linked or edited.  The new user experience will be enforced for all users.

If you would like to use the New Voicethread before May 13, individual users may edit their display preferences.

  1. From your home page, click on the menu icon next to your identity image and select “Display preferences.”

My Voicethread with user settings menu expanded

  1. Select the radio button for “Use new VoiceThread.”

Change radio button to use New Voicethread

  1. Save.

Highlights and changes

New features

        • Bulk comment management options
        • Audio descriptions of slides
        • One conversation view
        • Zooming and panning while commenting
        • Option to sort VoiceThreads by “most recently active”
        • Compact list of all VoiceThreads in the home page sidebar
        • Media sources included in the slide upload options inside an open VoiceThread
        • Ability to jump to another slide while commenting without having to flip through them sequentially
        • View assignment thumbnails in the course view


        • New version is fully accessible, so VT Universal is no longer necessary
        • Comment button moved to the left side of the page
        • Slide navigation buttons moved to the left side of the page
        • Increased visibility for closed captions
        • Comments timelines appear inside the comment window, not at the bottom of the thread
        • CC button moved to the bottom-right corner of the page

Coming soon

        • Drag-and-drop sharing
        • Bulk actions on the home page (deleting and sharing multiple threads at once)
        • Dark mode for the home page
        • Customize closed caption display

Discontinued features

      • Phone commenting
      • Full-screen button