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Feature Release: Turnitin’s Draft Coach and ScarletApps

Turnitin – Draft Coach

In partnership with Rutgers Enterprise Messaging, Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce the release of Turnitin Draft Coach™ which offers students real-time feedback on their writing in ScarletApps Google Docs. With the Draft Coach™ extension enabled in Google Docs, students are offered guidance on how to fix mistakes and enhance writing before submitting the final version.

Students may improve writing by :

  • Conducting similarity checks to make sure they are properly summarizing, paraphrasing, and incorporating works cited and other source material.
  • Verifying citations and references are appropriately cited.
  • Correcting grammar mistakes through use of on-screen guidance and resources.

Rutgers has an enterprise license for Turnitin Draft Coach™. Draft Coach™ is only enabled for Google Docs associated with @scarletmail.rutgers.edu addresses and will not work with other Google accounts. Please enable ScarletApps via the Service Activation Portal. This extension is available to ScarletApp users 18 years and over.

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