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Register for Adobe Training starting August 18, 2022

Adobe Creative Cloud

We’re excited to announce a new faculty workshop series for anybody looking to make better use of Adobe creative tools in their work, and to help teach our students new digital skills. These are 1-hour sessions, geared toward all disciplines and backgrounds – not just art, design, or photography.

Our partners at Adobe describe this as a hands-on series covering different ways to share knowledge—faculty will learn new and exciting methods to quickly:

  • Create impactful presentations
  • Visualize and tell stories with data
  • Use podcasts, video, and more!

Instructors will have the opportunity to follow along and earn accredited badges, including an Adobe Analytics for Teaching and Learning certification.

Finally, these workshops are designed by educators for educators, so it’ll be an exciting opportunity to see how other members of the higher education community are weaving creativity into their curricula and impacting student outcomes.

Check out the series page and sign up for whatever interests you. The kickoff session is August 18, 2022, and sign-ups have already begun!


Register for Adobe Series Training