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Students: Pass / No Credit Deadline is May 22, 2020

This announcement is intended for students at Rutgers Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick. The message below does not apply to students at Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences.

Note: Students enrolled in the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy or the School of Nursing-New Brunswick should consult with advisors there regarding what options are open to you consistent with accreditation requirements.

In response to Governor Murphy’s “Stay at Home Order”, and the University’s transition to remote instruction, students have been provided with the option to select Pass/No-Credit for individual courses.

Students have until 11:59p.m. on Friday, May 22, 2020 to choose a Pass/No Credit grading option for each course. Students can add and remove courses until the system closes on May 22nd. Once the system closes on the 22nd, the courses that they have opted for Pass/No-Credit will be considered final.

Students can log into their dashboard at or use the direct link for the student view.

Pass/No-credit grades are not factored into GPAs. If students choose a Pass/No-Credit option, a note will appear on transcripts to indicate the circumstances of the COVID-19 outreach. While a Pass/No-Credit grade may impact how transcripts are viewed by employers and other universities, the impact is likely to be minimized by the fact that several universities are currently allowing this conversion. All transcripts will be updated and GPA’s recalculated on May 29th.

The full policy and FAQs pertaining to the COVID-19Pass/No-Credit Policy can be found here.