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Education Technology System Status & Academic Continuity

In response to precautions taken to limit the spread of COVID-19, Rutgers University has dismissed classes early for Spring Break for Newark, Camden, and New Brunswick campuses and, as of this posting, moved classes online for the two-weeks following the return from break. There are some restrictions for RBHS courses as well.  As faculty begin to plan digital instruction and move their course materials online, there is concern about the impact of increased use on the performance of online services as many institutions and businesses move their activities online. Rutgers Canvas admins have reached out to many technology partners to inquire about capacity and performance during high server load.  Our technology partners are working to ensure peak performance.  Many have actively communicated that additional servers have been engaged.

While we can hope and plan for uninterrupted services, we are in an unknown situation.  Our technology partners actively monitor their system status and have response teams to remediate issues.  During the next few weeks, we expect services to slow down as many users move online.  To keep the Rutgers community informed, Rutgers Canvas has created an index page of links to system status pages or Twitter accounts for our technology partners.

During potential system events, please verify the system status for the technology you are using. Most technology partners actively email and post to Twitter if there is a system event. Please communicate with your students during known events.