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Canvas Changing to New Gradebook

The existing Canvas Gradebook will be replaced with the New Gradebook on Monday, January 18, 2020.

About Upcoming Changes


New Gradebook release date

As previously announced, Instructure, the parent company of Canvas, will enforce updates to Canvas on January 18, 2020; these updates include use of the New Gradebook and enabling MasteryPaths in every course.


New Gradebook is now enabled for Winter and Spring courses

To align with the Rutgers academic calendar, all courses sites for Winter and Spring 2020 will be updated to use the New Gradebook immediately.

The scheduled New Gradebook enforcement is during the Winter 2020 term period where instructors may be finalizing grades. To avoid changing a gradebook during this critical period, the New Gradebook has been enabled for all Winter and Spring 2020 courses.

Any instructor who have already started to update their upcoming courses, please make sure to read the New Gradebook Resource below and review the upcoming changes. If the New Gradebook is not enabled, instructors may enable the New Gradebook through the feature options in course settings.


New features means workflow change for instructors

New features in the gradebook will alter how instructors use the gradebook.  Previously, instructors would mute an each assignment prior to grading; then instructors would unmute the assignment to release the grade.  The New Gradebook now allows instructors to set a Grade Post Policy for all assignments with a few clicks.  It is recommended that instructors set the Grade Post Policy prior to the start of the semester.  Please review the New Gradebook and SpeedGrader Muting Behavior Changes.


No data loss will result in this transition

All features align with previous functionality included in the existing Gradebook as indicated:

Treat Ungraded as 0

The Treat Ungraded as 0 option changes the view of how grades are displayed in the Gradebook and does not directly affect student grades. This feature is not available in the Grid View Gradebook to minimize confusion about student’s actual grades. If instructors want to view grades as zeros, they should apply grades as zeros using the global Missing Policy option or use the Default Grade option for individual assignments.

Assignment Details

The Assignment Details link in the current Gradebook will be replaced by New Analytics functionality, which provides improved analytics capabilities.

Hide Student Names

The Hide Student Names feature in the existing Gradebook has been resolved in the New Gradebook by the Anonymous Grading and Moderated Grading features already implemented in Canvas.

New Gradebook Resources