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Intermittent delay when logging into Canvas are resolved

The following message was sent to users enrolled as student, teacher, designer, or facilitator in a Canvas site for Spring 2019 or listed as a Canvas administrator.  

Faculty and students may have experienced an intermittent delay when logging into Canvas. We have identified the cause of the delay and taken steps to resolve it.

The delay was caused by a feature that attempts to increase participation in the Student Instructional Rating Surveys by blocking access to course sites. Rutgers Canvas and the Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research (CTAAR) have worked with the vendor to implement several fixes that will ensure the Canvas Dashboard loads during course survey data sync and service delays.

If you continue to experience issues with the Canvas Dashboard loading, please contact the Rutgers Canvas Helpdesk (, 877-361-1134).

If you have questions or comments regarding the Student Instructional Rating Survey, please contact CTAAR at . CTAAR is reviewing all aspects of the new SIRS/Canvas integration, and will make adjustments based on faculty and student feedback.