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Rutgers is transitioning to Canvas as the university’s official learning management system


Canvas is the leading LMS among major public research universities. Used by more than 3,000 universities, school districts, and institutions around the world, Canvas is an innovator in educational technology. The Canvas learning platform is known for being customizable, adaptable, and reliable.

The selection of Canvas was made after consideration by an LMS committee with faculty, staff, and student representatives from across the university, as well as a thorough review of best practices at peer institutions. As an enterprise-wide technology, Canvas will be managed and supported by the Office of Information Technology.

The transition to Canvas will require time, effort, and careful thought, with engagement and representation from faculty, students, and staff. A project steering committee with representation from across the university is currently under development. The steering committee will provide guidance and oversight as Rutgers moves from four learning management systems to a single, unified system

Leading Choice

By choosing Canvas, Rutgers is taking a significant step to enhance the educational experience at the university.

Recognized for its ease of use, flexibility, and mobile capabilities, Canvas is the leading choice for a learning management system (LMS) among Rutgers’ peer institutions.

The move from multiple systems to a single, university-wide LMS will foster collaboration, reduce complexity, and simplify the learning and teaching experience for Rutgers students and faculty.

Future of Instructional Technology at Rutgers

We understand that the selection of Canvas as Rutgers’ official learning management system (LMS) raises questions and concerns about the future of instructional technology and related services. To better understand the needs of our students, faculty, and staff, we want to hear from you.