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Proctortrack now supports Chromebooks


Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce that Proctortrack now supports Chromebooks.  Previously, Proctortrack only supported MacOS and Windows OS.

With support for Chromebooks, students may now use their devices for proctored exams.  Previously, students needed to borrow a device or instructors would have to provide proctoring exceptions.

How does it affect the student experience?

Students using a Chromebook will be prompted to download a plugin and add the extension to Chrome in order to proceed with proctoring.  Students are reminded to leave the proctoring tab open so that they can end proctoring after they have submitted their exam.

Updated documentation is available in Canvas Commons (Search: ProctorTrack) and import the updated documentation into your course.  Please see more information on Canvas Commons: Importing from Canvas Commons as an Instructor.