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Sub-Account Admin Quick Guide

There are a number of different account roles in Canvas. Additional information about the permissions can be found here.

Changes made at the account level will affect all users and courses under the sub-account. These include:

  • External Apps
  • Grade Schemes
  • Outcomes
  • Question Banks
  • Rubrics
  • Settings
  • Themes


Accessing the Sub-Account Admin

After you have been provided an account level role, you will see an icon on the global navigation labeled Admin. Clicking on this will display the Sub-Accounts you have access to.

Screenshot displaying the admin menu in the Canvas UI.

Some admin roles, can view and manage sub-accounts in Canvas. Click here for additional information about maintaining sub-accounts.

Admin Navigation Menu in the Sub-Account

Once are in the sub-account, you will see the Admin Navigation menu.

Screenshot of the menu options made available to Canvas Admins

These menu options will vary depending on the account role assigned to your account.