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Proctortrack is remote proctoring software that uses webcams to track student activity during test-taking and flag any suspicious activity for instructor attention. According to Verificient, the makers of Proctortrack:

Through proprietary facial recognition algorithms, the platform automates proctoring by monitoring student behavior and action for test policy compliance. Proctortrack can detect when students leave their space, search online for additional resources, look at hard notes, consult with someone, or are replaced during a test.

Proctortrack is customizable to align with an institution’s testing policies. It offers powerful analytics and its dashboard allows administrators to seamlessly investigate any pre-flagged potential test policy breaches.

You can add Proctortrack to your Canvas course site by adding it as a Tool to your site. Instructions for how to use Proctortrack are available by importing a Proctoring Module into your course from Rutgers Canvas Commons (search Rutgers and choose “ProctorTrack Set-up Module and Documentation”).

Proctortrack requires students to have a camera and install an application. This service is paid by Rutgers Teaching & Learning with Technology.  There is no fee for students or academic units in for-credit courses. Please email with any questions.  Students must be notified at the time of enrollment that is a proctoring requirement and that a web camera is needed.

For more information on Proctortrack at Rutgers, contact

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