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Transferring Resources from Sakai to Desktop

The Resources tool in Sakai is a file repository for internal Rutgers participants, to be shared with external colleagues, or publicly available. To extract files from Resources to Desktop files, here are some options:



WebDav is a tool used within a web server to transfer files and folders to your desktop.  

Note: Best used with one to two sites. Using this application multiple times does not guarantee all of your files and folders will be saved on your desktop if you are using this application for multiple sites. Recommended to create separate folders with desktop for multiple sites.

There are different instructions for Windows and Mac

Files Transfer for Windows

Files Transfer for Mac



Compress ZIP Archive


This option would allow the user to compress all their files into .zip file. This may be a better course of action when working with multiple sites. Here are the steps to compress your .zip file 

Note: Please be sure to check your quota under Check quota to see how much quota is left. It is suggest to have about 40%-50% free space before compressive your Resources file to a .zip file 

Compress ZIP Archive Video


Disclaimer: This instructional video was recorded in a Windows, but directions pertain to both Windows and MAC