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Non-Academic/Non-Instructional Purpose Sites

Unlike Sakai, sites that do not directly serve or support an academic and/or instructional purpose as outlined above will not be permitted on Canvas. Examples of sites in this category include sites used for project management, committee work, and/or other administrative purposes. Sites used as repositories for or the distribution of non-academic/non-instructional content, sites used for communication not-related to academics or instruction, and/or sites used to support administrative purposes such as tenure-tracking, would also be included in this category. Finally, any sites used for training/content related to non-instructional technologies or training/content related to administrative purposes targeting only staff and/or faculty will not be permitted on Canvas.
Sakai project sites may have been used for non-academic or non-instructional purposes. As Rutgers University migrates from Sakai, review the project purpose and an alternative for your project site.


Storage space for shared files and archives

Alternatives: Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Microsoft Sharepoint

Personal Projects/Research
Individual research or projects undertaking, requiring some collaboration

Alternatives: Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Microsoft Sharepoint

Training/Continuing Education

Non-academic training for employees, staff, vendors, outreach, non-matriculated students in support of university business
Alternative: Microsoft Stream

In class or open forum voting / engagement on a particular topic or question; Attendance tracking

Alternative: Qualtrics, iClicker, Playposit, TopHat, Turning Technologies

Organizational Management

Managing, administering and collaborating within a department or unit
Alternative: Microsoft Teams

IT Project Websites

Repository for IT work efforts
Alternative: Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Sharepoint, Smartsheet

Chat/Video Conferencing (Adobe Connect)

Remote virtual meetings and collaboration
Alternative: WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft Teams

Electronic Annual Report

Repository for the publishing of annual reports
Alternative: Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Microsoft Sharepoint , Microsoft Teams, Rutgers Sites

SCORM Content

Used for academic and certificate programs
Alternative: SCORMCloud

Faculty Reappointments & Promotion

Repository of candidates for reappointments and promotion
Alternative: Microsoft Teams

Mediation Guidelines

Repository to publish materials for mediation efforts
Alternative: Rutgers Sites

Developing Working Prototypes for Software Application Designs

Software development environment and source code control
Alternative: JIRA, GitHub

Compliance and Ethics Training

Yearly training on compliance and ethics mandates and policies
Alternative: External Vendor Program

Research Sites

Repository for research related activities
Alternative: Microsoft Teams

Tenure Tracking and Promotion

Repository of candidates for tenure and promotion
Alternatives: Microsoft Teams

Faculty Forums

Platform open to faculty to discuss academic topics of interest
Alternatives: Microsoft Teams

RU Core Reporting

Alternative: TBD


Alternative: TBD