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Non-Academic/Non-Instructional Purpose Sites

Sakai project sites may have been used for non-academic or non-instructional purposes. Unlike Sakai, sites that do not directly serve or support an academic and/or instructional purpose as outlined above will not be permitted on Canvas. Examples of sites in this category include sites used for:

  • Project management, committee work, and/or other administrative purposes.
  • Repositories for or the distribution of non-academic/non-instructional content.
  • Communication not-related to academics or instruction.
  • Support administrative purposes such as tenure-tracking.
  • Training/content related to non-instructional technologies or training/content related to administrative purposes targeting only staff and/or faculty.

As Rutgers University migrates from Sakai, review the Sakai project purpose and an alternative for your Sakai project site.

Purpose Description Alternatives
Repository Storage space for shared files and archives Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Microsoft Sharepoint
Personal Projects/Research Individual research or projects undertaking, requiring some collaboration Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Microsoft Sharepoint
Training/Continuing Education Non-academic training for employees, staff, vendors, outreach, non-matriculated students in support of university business Microsoft Stream
Voting In class or open forum voting / engagement on a particular topic or question; Attendance tracking Qualtrics, iClicker, Playposit, TopHat, Turning Technologies
Organizational Management Managing, administering and collaborating within a department or unit Microsoft Teams
IT Project Websites Repository for IT work efforts Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Sharepoint, Smartsheet
Chat/Video Conferencing (Adobe Connect) Remote virtual meetings and collaboration WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft Teams
Electronic Annual Report Repository for the publishing of annual reports Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams, Rutgers Sites
SCORM Content Used for academic and certificate programs SCORMCloud
Faculty Reappointments & Promotion Repository of candidates for reappointments and promotion Microsoft Teams
Mediation Guidelines Repository to publish materials for mediation efforts Rutgers Sites
Developing Working Prototypes for Software Application Designs Software development environment and source code control JIRA, GitHub
Compliance and Ethics Training Yearly training on compliance and ethics mandates and policies External Vendor Program
Research Sites Repository for research related activities Microsoft Teams
Tenure Tracking and Promotion Repository of candidates for tenure and promotion Microsoft Teams
Faculty Forums Platform open to faculty to discuss academic topics of interest Microsoft Teams
Faculty Forums Platform open to faculty to discuss academic topics of interest To Be Determined
Announcements/Communication To Be Determined