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Equivalencies Chart – Moodle to Canvas

This chart is intended to help instructors locate tools from Moodle in Canvas. It will tell you the equivalent of those tools and options in Canvas, where to find them, and offers links to both text and video guides on how to use them.

Moodle Equivalent in Canvas How To
News Feed Announcements What are Announcements?

Announcements Overview (Video)

Assignments Assignments What are Assignments?

Assignments Overview (Video)

Calendar Calendar What is the Calendar?

Calendar Overview (Video)





What is Chat?

What are Conferences?

Chat Overview (Video)

Conferences Overview (Video)

Import Import Content What is the Course Import too?

Courses: Creation & Management (Video)

Sections Modules What are Modules?

Modules: Creation & Management (Video)

Forums Discussions What are Discussions?

Discussions Overview (Video)

Gradebook Grades What are Grades and the Gradebook?

How do I use the Gradebook?

What is SpeedGrader?

Gradebook Overview (Video)

SpeedGrader Overview (Video)

Groups Groups What are Student Groups?

Groups: Creation & Management (Video)

Mail Conversations


How do I use Conversations?

Communication Overview (Video)

Private Files


Files What are Files?

Files: Add Course Content (Video)

Rich Content Editor Rich Content Editor What is the Rich Content Editor?

Rich Content Editor (Video)

Edit Settings Settings How do I use course settings?

Course Settings (Video)

Participants People How do I use the People page?

People Overview (Video)

Statistics Course Analytics What are Analytics?

Course Analytics (Video)

Add File Syllabus How do I use the Syllabus?

Courses: Creation & Management (Video)

Quizzes Quizzes What are Quizzes?

Quizzes Overview (Video)

Wiki Pages How do I create a new page in my course?

Pages: Creation and Management (Video)

Moodle App Mobile App IOS Guide

Android Guide

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