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Migrated Course Checklist

Before you publish your Canvas course site, use this checklist to make sure your site is ready to go. This checklist can be used whether you are using content imported from another LMS or have created your Canvas course site “from scratch.” Not sure what a Canvas course could look like? Check out some example Canvas course sites. More information on Canvas may be found in the Canvas Guides.  Review the Course Readiness Checklist prior to publishing your live Canvas course site.

Course Information

Completed? Task to complete
Home – Front page has been set and is accurate for the course. (What front page layout options are available to me?)
Syllabus is up-to-date and accessible (see more here on working with Files)
If desired, edit the Bio section of your Canvas Profile with your contact information and office hours
Students know where to begin – a “Start Here Module,” Announcement, and/or Home Page has updated text, is specific to the course, and provides students guidance on where to begin and what to expect the first day of class.
Students are advised to review Student Canvas GuidesStudent Orientation Tutorial, and Canvas browser requirements.


Course and Content Organization

Completed? Task to complete
Check Files to see that course materials have been uploaded or imported to course site and are not duplicated. (See recommended resources in Canvas Commons by searching for “Rutgers.” They appear on the top row.)
Modules – Modules are clearly organized; Module and content names are unique and reflect the course’s learning objectives.
Remove references to other learning management systems. (Use the Search Tool in Canvas and look for tool names, URLs, and LMS references.)
Assignments – All Assignments have been edited with their correct points possible and due dates. They are linked with appropriate Modules.
Assignments ﹘ Submission directions for all assignments are correct. Review each page, especially the submission directions for quizzes, discussions, assignments, to ensure the submission directions are for Canvas. See Student Orientation Tutorial Module: Participating in a Course in Canvas. Try using student view.
Assignment Groups – any duplicate or empty Assignment Groups have been removed. If you are weighting grades, the weighting of Groups matches the grading scheme described in your syllabus.
Grades – Total possible points (or percentages) match the course syllabus. See more here on the Canvas Gradebook. Structure your grade book (Recommended: sorting your gradebook by due date.)
Navigation – Only the needed tools have been added to the course navigation. Recommended: Syllabus, Announcements, Modules, Discussions (if applicable), People, and Grades.
Links – (internal links and external links) have been validated using the link validator tool in Settings.
Discussions – Discussions are graded or ungraded consistently. The order of Discussions page makes sense. Use Pinned Discussions to specify order, if the tool is enabled.
Quizzes – Settings for Quizzes have been applied (availability, due dates, timers, and rubrics) and have been reviewed (by previewing them).
People – any unneeded Groups have been removed.
Availability settings for Files are correct and consistent (open and lock dates/times). If the tool is enabled or if course files are linked to from any course item.
Active Tools are published (i.e. Assignments, Quizzes, Surveys, items within Modules, etc.). Students can’t see anything that is not published (with a green cloud).


View Your Course From the “Student View”

Go to “Settings” in course navigation on the left side of the page and then to “Student View.” It is the second button down on the right of the page.

Completed? Task to complete
Announcements – Current and applicable Announcements are showing.
Discussions – Order of Discussions makes sense. Use Pinned Discussions to specify order. (if enabled)
Modules – Review all content; are items visible as you expect? Are submission directions clear and correct?
Assignments ﹘ Submission directions are clear and points and due dates are correct.
Grades – Grades add up to the correct percentage and total points (use Test student scores to validate).


Adapted from “Is My Canvas Course Ready,” Oregon State U, n.d. Web. 30. Jun. 2016.