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Requesting Canvas Guest Accounts

A non-Rutgers student, staff or faculty who does not have an official Rutgers NetID needs to have a Canvas guest account created. Guest account creations can be requested by a faculty member, staff, sub-account administrator, or program coordinator. If requested for users to be added to a site(s), please indicate the site by listing the exact name of the course, course code, or course URL.

To facilitate user account creation, please use this spreadsheet template:

Canvas Guest User Template

Fill out the following highlighted fields in the spreadsheet:

  • User_ID: User(s) email address in all lower case.
  • Integration_ID: Please leave blank.
  • Authentication_Provider_ID: canvas will be listed by default. This is case sensitive and must be lower case.
  • First_Name: List user(s) full first name.
  • Last_Name: List user(s) full last name.
  • Status: Active will be listed by default.

When filling in the User_ID, it will automatically generate for the following fields:  Login_ID, and Email. 

Before sending the spreadsheet to the Canvas Help Desk, please:

  • Do not modify headers (Row 1). Any deviation of the spreadsheet will cause the creation to fail and the file will be sent back for revisions.
  • Remove the sample student row before inputting user data.
  • Remove capitalized letters in the users’ email addresses.
  • Save the file as a .csv (Comma Separated Values).
  • Ensure there are no extra (leading or trailing) spaces in the each cell.
  • For all users added, copy the formula or fill down the formula in the adjacent cells to complete the spreadsheet. (See copying formula video tutorial.)
  • Check if students have Active NetID(s) within Canvas. This is to prevent confusion for your user(s). If the user has provided a Rutgers email address, then they have a Rutgers NetID and you can add the user to the course with their NetID.

If any questions and concerns, please contact